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Professional Scrapbookers Hate This Site and Wish it Would Cease to Exist... !

Dear Scrapbook Friend,

It's true, many professional scrapbook creators, those that make a living creating scrapbooks for others HATE Us and HATE this site!  But, before I explain why, let's get the HOW MUCH question out of the way.

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Now that that's over with, let's see if I can explain why we are so hated by many of the professional scrapbook designers out there.

Imagine if anyone could create their own custom designed scrapbooks, even if they had very little experience and no real artistic abilities.  Now imagine that they could do it in as little time as a single weekend...

What would that mean to someone who has a business that makes scrapbooks for people that don't have the time or the skills to do it themselves?

Let's face it, if anyone can create their own custom holiday scrapbook pages and it's easy and fast, taking very little time out of an already busy day... why would anyone pay in excess of $15.00 per page to have someone else do it?

Now you know why they hate us.

The good news for the Professional scrapbook designers is that not everyone has found out about digital/computer scrapbooking and the Holiday Scrapbook page template site yet.  The bad news for them is that you are reading this and now know that...

www.HolidayScrapbooks.com Membership enables anyone to create striking holiday scrapbooks that add instant impact to every family album or digital photo presentation.

With an impressive range of more than 675 designs at your fingertips, 24 hours a day, you can create holiday and special occasion book scrapbook pages that you'll want to show to the world!

That's not all!

With the ability to import our designs into industry standard photo and computer scrapbook programs, the custom design possibilities are virtually limitless.

HolidayScrapbooks.com's high quality formats mean your scrap pages will look great in print, on screen or even on the Web.

What is it you're here looking for?

Whether you're looking for the best way to create outstanding holiday and special occasion book scrapbooks for your family heritage, cool pages for your grandparent's album, dramatic memories of your baby's first year of life or conversation pieces for your walls, www.HolidayScrapbooks.com is for you!

This amazing computer scrapbook membership site will transform the way you look at both holiday and special occasion books and scrapbooking. What's more, it's available to friends like yourself, for just $17.00

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Whether you're a complete beginner, a hand scrapper, a digital dabbler, or an old hand with holiday and special occasion computer scrapbooking - make an impact to your new scrapbook project now!

  • Add Impact To Everything You Create!

  • Add Impact to your holiday scrapbook pages - transform all your holiday photo albums with stunning layouts, beautiful artwork, matched coordinated sets and embellishments.

  • Add Impact to your Family Web Sites - create amazing on-line holiday and special occasion book scrap pages, web designs and photo presentations to add sparkle to your site.

  • Add Impact to your digital holiday photo shows - dazzle your audience with presentations that really stand out from the crowd.

  • Add Impact to your walls, cards and photographs - jazz up all your walls, greetings cards, holiday party invitations, newsletters and digital special occasion photoís with ease.

  • Add Impact to Everything! Ė whatever you want to create, www.HolidayScrapbooks.com makes high impact holiday and special occasion book scrapbook design possible for everyone!

Holiday Scrapbook Page Templates - Downloadable and simple do it yourself digital scrapbook pages.

Ready to add a new dimension to your holiday and special occasion scrapbook projects, holiday photo presentations or party invitations? Order a www.HolidayScrapbooks.com 1 year membership for just $17.00.

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Are You Looking For Scrapbook Pages That Are Designed To Stand Out and Save Time?

With intuitive layouts designed to maximize creativity and efficiency, HolidayScrapbooks.com will really get your holiday and special occasion book noticed. In addition to the simple new design features, HolidayScrapbooks.com also contains high end "artwork" that can make stunning holiday and special occasion book scrapbooks that appear to literally beg to be shown to others. Getting the attention of viewers, audiences or readers has never been easier, or more fun.

It's easy to be the center of attention, the recognized scrapbook expert in the family...

Be prepared and be watchful... if you take it to your next family gathering, you may not get it back!  At the very least they'll be wanting copies of their own.

Now anyone can create stunning holiday and special occasion scrap page sets and photo displays for any event that will impress and inspire everyone that sees it.

Order HolidayScrapbooks.comís one year membership now and get everyone wanting to know the secret of how you create your beautiful scrapbooks!

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No Experience Necessary

PrincessCrafts and HolidayScrapbooks.com is completely compatible with a vast range of current scrapbook and image applications, so you can use it alongside your favorite Word processor, photo editor, presentation package, desktop publishing or Web design program. Itís easy to transfer our custom high impact designs into all your holiday scrapbooks, greetings cards, party announcements, presentations, personal stationery - you name it! With HolidayScrapbooks.com everything you produce will create an instant Impact!

And no new skills are required whether you use Wizards to create scrapbook elements for you, or construct your own scrapbook layouts. HolidayScrapbooks.com puts all the designs you'll need within easy reach. Simply pick and choose, mix and match and customize to your heartís content. The professional quality results will astound you!

Whenever you need to add Impact to your personal special occasion or holiday photoís, TV/DVD presentations, Web site or anything else you create for your heirloom gifts, HolidayScrapbooks.com will be there with just what you need!

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Make Your Mark Now!

HolidayScrapbooks.com is the perfect way to add impact to all your holiday and special occasion books and it's now available to you for just $17.00 when you order from us now, so don't miss out on your chance to make an extra special memory book.

This price wonít last forever.

Nothing To Lose Ė Better than your money back!

As always, this offer is covered by PrincessCrafts and HolidayScrapbooks.com's 100% Satisfaction Promise. We're so totally confident that you'll find that all the pages we offer really do give you the very best in value for your money that we make the following promise without hesitation:

If you're not completely 100% satisfied or we donít make your holiday scrapbooking easier, you can request a 100% refund.  We even give you a full 8 weeks check us out and decide. Better than that, you can keep all your downloads and bonuses!

Thatís better than your money back.

We here at HolidayScrapbooks.com are the only ones that stand to lose anything if we fail to meet your holiday and special occasion scrapbook needs... so click the link now and get started today.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this...

Yours sincerely

Wes and Kathy

Wes and Kathy Waddell




Click to get started now, the only risk you have is that you're going to love the pages

Additional Info

System requirements:

  • Access to the internet

  • A Scrapbook, Photo editing, digital presentation or DTP program that accepts PNG or PDF format images (or another program that will convert the image for you) FREE Software is  available with our www.ComputerScrapbookTraining.com and our Computer Scrapbooking 101 Mini-Course.

  • Photo quality printer and drivers for your operating system (if you wish to make prints)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF compatible program required to print PDF files

  • Additional disk resources and memory may be required when editing large or complex documents.


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